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Retrieve any object you want

Retrieving is something almost everyone does with their dog. Retrieve the newspaper, a toy, or retrieve a dumbbell or other (small) objects, for sport.

For years we have been training our dogs for retrieving and helping other trainers do this. A common mistake is that trainers focus on the dog has to hold the object for a long time. They correct the dog when he lets go of the object. This causes stress and the dog no longer wants to hold the object.

Often handlers create too much of a hype around the object. By doing this you create a prey-drive on the object and the dog will bite it, shake it and want to run away with it.

We do this differently. With our 40 years of experience, we have developed a system for retrieving in which we turn the exercise around. Not the object but the rewardbecomes important for the dog. Because of this, the dog always wants to give the object to his boss with great pleasure because he knows that this will give him his reward.

Using this way of training, we prevent problems and we can make our dogs retrieve any object without problems.

Focus on letting go and not holding on

A dog who learns to retrieve based on his prey-drive will not want to bring the object to you. He sees the object as his reward and will want to play with it and run away.

The success of our system is that we focus on the relationship between the object and the reward. The object is not at all interesting to the dog, it only provides him with his reward. Once the dog has the object, he will not want to bite it or run away with it. Whether it is a dumbbell or a small object, the dog wants to give it to his boss as quickly as possible because he knows that this will give him his reward.

From the very beginning we focus on letting go and not on holding on. We use our food training system with which we can make a lot of repetitions in a short period of time. This way of training allows the dog to think and learn very quickly from his own behavior. The bases is right from the start, because the dog is immediately taught that he must retrieve the object to his boss.

Once the basics are taught, we can also take advantage of the dog's prey-drive. By adding a heavier reward, such as a ball, the dog will retrieve with even more speed and drive. He will enjoy retrieving the object because he will immediately get his ultimate reward.

Are you ready to teach your dog to retrieve with pleasure?

Retrieve Course

  • Do you want your dog to correctly retrieve any object?
  • Do you want to train in an exclusively positive way with rewards?
  • Are you ready to start and get visible results right away?

Then this is the most appropriate course you are going to find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience of working dogs.

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