Online Course Detection Work

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Do you want a well trained detection dog?

Narcotics, money, blood, corpses or any other smell, the ultimate goal in detection work is always for the dog to find the smell and refer to it. For years, we have been training our dogs for detection work in various disciplines. The basic training is always the same.

A common mistake we encounter is that trainers teach the basics of detection work by linking a scent to the reward for the dog. They hide the reward or throw it away visible to the dog.

The result is that dogs are excited because they want their reward. They will run around blind hoping to catch the scent quickly. And when they find the scent they will start licking or scratching to get their reward.

Our system works differently. As crazy as it sounds, we start with the end. We first teach the dog the indication behavior.  In doing so, we lay a good foundation which we then build on. 

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a system in which the dog independently and with great motivation searches for any desired scent and will indicate it. 

We train based on the motivation of the dog and keep it as simple as possible. Because dogs of any age can be trained in our system and achieve good results.


Get a dog that searches independently

A dog that doesn't understand what is intended will exhibit stress. He will bark, scratch or lick when he finds the scent. Or, on the contrary, will run around and around when he can't find the scent. All just to try to get his reward.

Our key to success in detection work is that we start by teaching the scent and the indication behavior. We reverse the exercise by starting with the end. The dog learns immediately what gives him his reward, the indication of the scent. So the basics are right and clear to the dog right from the start.

By using our unique food training system, we teach the basics in just a few training sessions. We do this in an exclusively positive way with many repetitions, the dog learns from his own behavior. 

Once the basics are taught, they are expanded upon very quickly. After only a few weeks of training, the dog is capable of independently and carefully searching for the source of the scent and indicate it correctly.

Do you want to learn and apply this knowledge and techniques?


Detection Work Course

  • Do you want to train your dog for detection work for any scent you want?
  • Want to lay the best possible foundation for detection work?
  • Do you want to train positively with lots of rewards?
  • Are you ready to get started and get results right away?

Then this is the most suitable course  for detection work, you will find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience in working dogs.

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