Directional Training Course

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Do you want to guide your dog in any direction you choose?

This is the ultimate online course for you, based on over 40 years of experience in training working dogs!

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to start directing or massively improve your skills;
  • Desire to command your dog to move in any direction from a distance;
  • Are ready to learn and apply the latest techniques.

Directional Training


The most comprehensive Directional Training Course for your dog!

Discover the secrets to commanding your dog to move in any desired direction. Benefit from 40 years of experience and the latest proven techniques, and prevent your dog from making the same mistakes as many others.


Get a dog that runs with full motivation in any direction!

Over the past 40 years, we have developed a system that is different from others. We ensure that your dog is not forced but motivated to perform the exercises. Our approach creates a positive expectation pattern for your dog, without the need for corrections.

After completing this course, you can direct your dog over long distances in any desired direction. The dog will continue running with full motivation, without looking back or stopping.

Directional Training 

What will you learn?

After successfully completing this directional training course, you can guide your dog in any desired direction. You can be proud of this achievement, and that's why you'll receive your personal certificate immediately after completing the course!


What will you learn?

  • Basic training with cones
  • How to guide your dog over long distances without a target at the end
  • How to keep your dog always motivated
  • Maintaining complete control over your dog


Directional Training 


Do you want to establish the best possible foundation for directional training?

Then this is the most suitable course you will find online! Benefit from over 40 years of training experience
in the field of working dogs.


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