Training Leash

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Training Leash Dog Training Dick Staal

During the training of exercises such as obedience exercises, detection work and search exercises, we use this leash.

With this training leash you give your dog a clear context during training and you prevent the dog from running away during training.

The leash is very thin yet sturdy because it is made of the material polypropylene. Because the leash is so thin and light it does not get in the way of your dog at all and he hardly notices that he is wearing it. Yet the leash is strong enough to stop the dog if he wants to run away.

So this is really a leash to practice with and not a leash to let the dog out or for example to track.

Product Specifications

Color leash: Green
Color musketon: Gold
Leash length: Ca. 2 meters
Material: Polypropylene