Online Tracking Course

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The most complete tracking course

Tracking is often taught with food. A track is laid with food between the footsteps. The dog is looking for food and uses the human scent track. This often causes problems, because the dog is always looking for food, and therefore the dog does not consider the objects on the track to be important and ignores them.

For years we have been helping dog trainers worldwide with tracking with their dogs. Almost always we see the same problems coming back. Dogs that just run straight ahead and dogs that are stressed and puff with their tongue out of their mouth. The result of this is that they miss corners and objects on the trail.

The reason for this behavior is almost always the dog's handler. By consciously or unconsciously giving the dog information while tracking, the dog is influenced and confirmed on the choices he makes.

Over the past 40 years we have developed a system in which we do things differently. The dog is trained on human scent from the beginning, with the goal of finding an object. Not the food, but the object becomes very important to the dog. This will give him his reward.

By training in this way, a dog without experience can walk a track of tens of meters  in a few weeks and he will indicate the objects on the track in a good way.


Get a dog that tracks independently

If a dog doesn't understand that an object on the track gives him his reward, he will always keep looking for food on the track. The dog will ignore the objects and want to keep tracking until he finds the food again.

The secret of our tracking system is that we reverse the exercise and start with the end. We do this by making it clear to the dog from the beginning that the object is important and that this will give him his reward. So the dog is directly focused on the right scent from the beginning.

In our system the dog develops himself and learns from his own behavior. We do not influence or confirm the dog, so he always makes his own choice. The goal for the dog is clear from the beginning, finding an object. Because this is clear, the dog will always want to find the object with great motivation and drive in order to be rewarded.

Do we use no food at all? We certainly do, just never on the track. We use our unique food training system when teaching tracking. By training this way dogs of any age learn tracking in just a few weeks.

Tracking Course

  • Do you want to start tracking or greatly improve your tracking skills?
  • Want to lay the best possible foundation for tracking?
  • Do you want to use a system that is also used in Police Services worldwide?
  • Are you ready to get started and get visible results right away?

Then this is the most appropriate course you are going to find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience of working dogs.

Still not convinced? Or would you like more information? Then click here and read all about our online tracking course!