Online Puppy Course

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We're getting a puppy, but now what...?

Getting a new puppy is a lot of fun! Yet, there are also a lot of things you need to think about. What do I want to do with the pup? Am I going to train the pup? What do I want the pup to do and what do I do not want it to do? How do I get my pup housebroken? What do I do when the pup bites me or shows other unwanted behavior?

These are all questions that everyone runs into when getting a new pup. Many people buy a new pup without proper preparation. The result is that they get a pup that shows a lot of unwanted behavior. He always pees in the house, at night he does not sleep and is always squealing and during the day he bites in everything.

Most people don't mind a pup gently biting the hands and clothes, but if this behavior is developed in the beginning then the dog will continue to do this later on. The result will be a dog that does not listen and will show all kinds of problematic behavior. This behavior is often so far developed that it cannot be solved without severe corrections.

We think this is not fair! A pup that is first allowed all kinds of things, cannot be punished or corrected later for the same behavior. The pup will not understand and this is also not how it works for us.

From day one that the pup is with us we are honest and clear about both desired and undesired behavior. By doing this in a positive way we prevent problems in the future and get and keep a happy dog for the rest of his life.

A complete puppy course

If you are not prepared when the new pup arrives, then you will never clear and consistent towards your pup. This is also very difficult for the pup because he gets no clarity and does not know what he may or may not do.

With our puppy course you get all the knowledge you need in raising your puppy. The course starts even before the puppy arrives at your house. We will prepare you in terms of how best to pick up your puppy, how to prepare for the first nights and how to house train your puppy.

You also learn everything about socializing your puppy, teaching exercises in a positive way and how to deal with desired and undesired behavior. You learn how to prevent unwanted behavior at an early stage so you don't have to correct your puppy.

Do you want the best possible start for yourself and your dog?

Online Puppy Course

    • Do you want to get the best possible start with your pup?
    • Do you want to train your pup in a positive way?
    • Do you want to deal with unwanted behaviour in a fair way so it doesn't develop?
    • So, do you want a fun and social, sweet dog?

Then this is the most appropriate puppy course you will find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience in the field of puppies and (working) dogs.

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