Online Course Teach the Indication Behaviour

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Does your dog not indicate well?

When teaching tracking or detection work, almost every dog trainer teaches the indication behavior after the dog knows tracking or searching. Many trainers do not consider correct pointing important in the beginning. This is a missed opportunity and causes problems in the later stages of the training.

For years, we have been helping dog trainers worldwide train for tracking and detection work. Over time we have noticed that most trainers are blinded by making long tracks or long searches. The longer the track the better the results.... right?

However, this is not how it works for us. If the bases for tracking or detection work is not properly formed beforehand, you will always run into problems. Therefore, we never start these exercises before the foundation is properly laid.

"Start with the end" is a famous quote from Dick Staal.

With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a system in which every dog can taught very quickly.

We train based on the dog’s motivation and keep it as simple as possible. We make sure we have a good bases that will eventually leads to great results.

The indication is the basis of success

If it is not clear to the dog that indicating correctly will get him his reward, he will do his work with much less motivation, and the dog will be distracted easier. Also, a dog is more likely to miss objects or show stress such as barking, scratching, biting or licking the object.

The big secret behind our system is, "start with the end". Indication is an end of exercise, yet it is also the bases of the exercise because the dog is indicating the scent it is looking for. Therefore, we begin by teaching the dog the correct scent immediately and teach that indicating correctly will give him his reward. In this way we lay a strong foundation that can be easily expanded in the future.

We combine our methods with our unique food training system, we teach dogs of all ages the indication behavior in just two weeks. Afterwards, you can immediately start tracking or detection work, because the bases is well established. The dog will be very motivated to point to objects correctly, because he knows that this will bring him his reward.

Do you want to learn and apply this knowledge and techniques?

Teaching the Indication Behavior Course

  • Do you want to teach or greatly improve the indication behavior of your dog?
  • Do you want to lay the best possible foundation for tracking and detection work?
  • Are you ready to start and get results right away?

Then this is the most suitable course you will find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of training experience in working dogs.

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