Instructional video: Retrieving Articles

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Instructional video: Retrieving Articles

In this instructional video you will be taught step by step how to teach your dog to retrieve, in Dick Staal's system. This is done using clear images and accompanying commentary by dog training specialist Dick Staal. You will be clearly taught how you can teach this exercise to the desired level.

For example the retrieving of small objects such as ferrules for the KNPV training, the retrieving of all kinds of other objects such as a bunch of keys or the retrieving of a dumbbell for example for the IPG training. A method in which we exclusively train positive in the learning phase. This system can be applied to a puppy, but of course also to an older dog.

After a few weeks it is possible to have a pup retrieve all kinds of objects. This video also explains the "duty retrieving" to get a confident dog after a positive start. Furthermore, it is explained and shown what advantage the use of the clicker can have in training the retrieving.

The exercise "retrieving" is an exercise that is used in many different ways in different inspection regulations, but it can also be used to retrieve for example the newspaper or play objects.

Product Specifications

Language video: English
Length video: 24 minuten
File format: MP4 delivered on USB stick