Online Obedience Course

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Basic obedience is essential

Sit, down, stay and here are some important basic obedience exercises. Everyone who has a dog knows them and will always teach some of them. However, there is often a difference in the level and the way these exercises are taught.

A common mistake we have been seeing for years is that the dog is expected to understand the exercise too quickly. The dog is influenced with the voice or even corrected for something he does not know yet. The result is irritation for the owner and stressful for the dog....

We do this differently. You can't expect a puppy or a dog that learns an exercise to understand it immediately, let alone that it listens to the command. We therefore do not use commands in the beginning.

In the more than 40 years of experience we have, we have developed a system in which every dog can be trained in an exclusively positive way.

The dog learns from his own behavior. By reinforcing this behavior in a positive way, the exercises are learned very quickly and you get fast results.

Obedience is a dog that listens to you

A dog who learns a new exercise does not know what is expected of him. You can then force the dog to do something, but this will work counterproductive. The dog will become insecure and will not dare to make mistakes.

The secret behind our system is that we let the dog learn from his own behavior. We try to provoke this behavior in a positive way and then reward it. We do this in small steps, without the dog realizing exactly what he is doing or should do.

By combining the elicitation of the desired behavior and the positive reinforcement with our unique food training system, we achieve our goal very quickly with dogs of all ages. In just one month, this system will teach your dog the most important obedience exercises that you will continue to use throughout the dog's life.

Start today and learn how to apply this knowledge and these techniques immediately!

Obedience Course

  • Would you like to teach your dog all the basic obedience exercises in just one month?
  • Do you want to lay the best possible foundation for all further training?
  • Are you ready to start and get results right away?

Then this is the most suitable course you will find online! You will benefit from more than 40 years of dog training experience.

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